The Yoga4Health (click link) programme is a 10-week programme that has been designed by experts at the Yoga in Healthcare to help patients improve their physical and psychological wellbeing, specifically supporting individuals who:

  • Suffer from stress or anxiety or mild depression
  • Need to lose weight
  • Need to improve heart health
  • Need to lower risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Just need help to feel well, healthy and supported…
The Yoga4Health programme is endorsed by the NHS, supported by the College of Medicine and is being delivered successfully across the UK. Entry onto Yoga4Health classes is via Self-Referral or an NHS Link Worker.

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Our Other Classes

Move Freely Classes


Learn simple, gentle, and enjoyable movement and breathing techniques that will enable you to release tension and ‘move freely’. - delivered online.



Bright Skies Yoga classes are designed to empower participants to develop a practice that meets their needs, inspiring people from all walks of life, both on and off the mat. Delivered in-person.


Why not have a look at our 'Videos' page, where you can see students' reviews of current classes

“I like that you have a variety of classes and times on offer with the flexibility to change about if necessary. There is a very supportive atmosphere in the classes, really inclusive and welcoming”. Student LMM

“I think your approach in class is spot on. What stands out is your flexible approach and getting people to work within their own abilities”. Student PA

“You explain in simple terms and take it slow (I like that) I don’t feel forced in any way. The different levels help too. I am so glad I found you. I just want to build up my strength again, and also learn to relax more. I feel I am benefiting so much, slowly”. Student SC

“Your teaching is non-judgemental, and you are very encouraging and supportive” Student JG

“For me, on a personal level, this is the first class that caters/allows for and supports my needs. Having rheumatoid arthritis, especially in my hands and feet does limit my overall ability and strength. You focus on all needs and levels without disadvantaging those with more ability. OR making it too easy! Definitely sets you apart. Overall, for me you’re biggest selling point is your ability to support anyone and everyone”. Student BR

“You are a lovely teacher; you explain everything so clearly”

“I can’t put in to words how great I feel since starting yoga classes. I haven’t had to have any complementary treatments since lockdown as I am feeling so well. Thank you!!!!! You are an amazing teacher and I love your classes” Student KL

“You are sensitive to participants needs. Often you refer to our different levels of skills, strength and suppleness, encouraging us to keep within safe limits, without feeling any pressure to over-reach ourselves” Student PM

“ I have learnt so much from Mandy and her easy friendly teaching style over the last 16months. I especially enjoy the Move Freely Classes." Student SH