Yoga and Movement Classes in Deal, Kent.

At a Bright Skies yoga or movement class, individuals are encouraged to explore postures that are beneficial and appropriate to their needs and to discover physical activity that they really enjoy. 

The core principle is that through intuitive, free flowing movement we can all improve our mobility, strength, coordination and outlook. Classes are progressive and teach a broad range of exercises that support the development of balance and resilience whilst including breathing and relaxation techniques.

The benefits that students say that they enjoy include:


Becoming noticeably more mobile, agile and/or supple


Improved sleep and feeling more rested


A release of tension/pain in the body and improved physical awareness


Improved outlook, health and well-being; feeling happier and more relaxed


Meeting new friends, socialising and having fun in an inclusive and welcoming environment


Acquiring new skills to better address anxiety and stress. A release from other worries and concerns.


The enjoyment of noticing the progression and achievement of skills and abilities

Meet the Tutor - Amanda (Mandy)

Yoga and Movement Classes

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Why not see what other students say about the classes in their testimonials at the bottom of this page and on the ‘Videos’ page. 

Move Freely Classes


Learn simple, gentle, and enjoyable movement and breathing techniques that will enable you to release tension and ‘move freely’. - delivered online.



Bright Skies Yoga classes are designed to empower participants to develop a practice that meets their needs, inspiring people from all walks of life, both on and off the mat.

Your Yoga Tutor in Deal, Kent

Amanda is a BWYQ Level 4 (RQF) qualified yoga teacher and achieved accreditation from the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance in 2019 to deliver the Yoga4Health programme. She has also undertaken various other health and fitness training and qualifications, and is fully insured by EMDUK, The Governing Body for Exercise Music and Dance. Amanda is a member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMPSA), has enhanced DBS certification and Emergency First Aid Training.

Amanda says:

“Bright Skies classes are born out of my interest in embodiment and a belief that there is a movement style that suits everyone. Movement classes should be adaptable to the participants rather than participants struggling to fit in to the movement.  I strive to create new and interesting classes, that meet a diverse range of needs and inspire people from all walks of life”. 

“ I discovered yoga, searching for relief from a spinal condition 20 years ago. Since then, developing a practice that suits my physicality and individuality has become critical to my self-care routine, supporting me through various stresses, anxieties, and traumas. So, I have a very real and lived experience of the positive impact that ‘moving freely’ can have on all aspects of health and well-being. I have also been an avid dancer, more specifically belly-dancer, for fifteen years. I am interested in all forms of movement with ‘soul’ and my day-to-day practices are an integral part of how I approach life and the world. I believe in accessible movement that is ‘human’ and ‘has a heart!”

General Health and Safety Points

Wear comfortable work-out clothes that allow you to move freely. Try not to eat a heavy meal before class as Bright Skies classes are best practiced with a relatively empty stomach. Make sure that you have water close to hand. If you do not have an exercise mat you can use a towel. Other props that might be useful include:

  • A blanket
  • A scarf or tie to support with stretching
  • A couple of books of similar size

All students need to complete a pre-exercise readiness questionnaire (PARQ) before participating.

Hit the 'contact us button' to enquire about classes and to receive the PARQ.


Why not have a look at our 'Videos' page, where you can see students' reviews of current classes

“I like that you have a variety of classes and times on offer with the flexibility to change about if necessary. There is a very supportive atmosphere in the classes, really inclusive and welcoming”. Student LMM

“I think your approach in class is spot on. What stands out is your flexible approach and getting people to work within their own abilities”. Student PA

“You explain in simple terms and take it slow (I like that) I don’t feel forced in any way. The different levels help too. I am so glad I found you. I just want to build up my strength again, and also learn to relax more. I feel I am benefiting so much, slowly”. Student SC

“Your teaching is non-judgemental, and you are very encouraging and supportive” Student JG

“For me, on a personal level, this is the first class that caters/allows for and supports my needs. Having rheumatoid arthritis, especially in my hands and feet does limit my overall ability and strength. You focus on all needs and levels without disadvantaging those with more ability. OR making it too easy! Definitely sets you apart. Overall, for me you’re biggest selling point is your ability to support anyone and everyone”. Student BR

“You are a lovely teacher; you explain everything so clearly”

“I can’t put in to words how great I feel since starting yoga classes. I haven’t had to have any complementary treatments since lockdown as I am feeling so well. Thank you!!!!! You are an amazing teacher and I love your classes” Student KL

“You are sensitive to participants needs. Often you refer to our different levels of skills, strength and suppleness, encouraging us to keep within safe limits, without feeling any pressure to over-reach ourselves” Student PM

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